That's Me Writing. Want Me To Write Something For You?

Yes, Please!
Yes, Please!


  My name’s Max.

  I’m a writer.

  Keystone, Colorado is my home. 

  I write for 3quarksdaily

  That’s me recording. Ignorant and Uninformed is my podcast. 

  Check it out. Unless you’re easily offended…

My Story…

Starts in Canton, OH. It was the 80s. My parents owned a used record shop. I was my mom’s “out.”  (Seriously. She got knocked up because she was over slingin’ vinyl.) Given my musical beginnings, it should come as no surprise, I was basically weened on The Beatles, David Bowie, and Talking Heads.  

 (Already bored? It’s cool. Scroll down to Highlights.)

 Life was good. Nothing too crazy happened. My childhood was great.

 Theater became a passion in middle school. I stayed with it through high school. I was either backstage or on-stage for all the performances at GlenOak while I was there.

Speech and debate was my other hobby. Between after-school practices and weekend tournaments, I stayed busy.

But not too busy. I still worked a part-time job. 

 College made me a Hoosier

I graduated with a mouthful of a degree. (Communications and Culture with focuses in rhetoric and film, a minor in political science, and a certificate in small  business management and entrepreneurship. See what I mean?)

 After 21 years in the Great Lakes region – I ventured west for greener pastures (and bigger  mountains).

 I’ve been here ever since.

 I spent my 20s waiting tables and bartending in ski towns. Work all winter and summer. Explore the world in spring and fall. It was a good run.

I filled a passport cover-to-cover and did my graduate work in “life.”

 You learn a lot about people, the world, and yourself on the road.

 But – as happens – it was time for something new and different. All my friends were getting married, starting families, and advancing their careers.  But, not me. I was stuck in what one might call

 a rut, a tranquil, nourishing, educational rut that had done him (me) little harm and much  good,  but a rut, nonetheless; his (my) wheel was stuck in a ditch of light, so to speak…”

 And – that’s when I began building my creative career.


– Born in Canton, Ohio
– In 2nd grade, when asked, “Max, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I answered, “A suit of armor!”
– Theater and speech & debate were my focuses in high school.
– Studied Communications and Culture, with a focus in rhetoric, in college
– Graduated from Indiana University in ’03
– Moved to Colorado
– Worked seasonly and saved money
– Traveled the world (That’s a picture of the sun rising over Kilimanjaro)
– Started Ignorant and Uninformed (A podcast for the uneasily offended)
– Became a certified copywriter
– Write a monthly column for 3quarksdaily