Making your way in the world today (takes everything you got?) means you need an engaging website.

It’s your digital calling card.

It says to the world, “This is who I am. And this is what I do.”

A good site answers those questions.

A great website communicates “why.”

Do you know your why?

Is it clearly defined?

Making sure your website is “on message” is something any can writer do.

Me? My goal is your why.

A site for a company seeking to change it’s image, positioning, and branding. 51Oakwood wanted to be known as a Medical Management Company, not just a Medical Billing Company. Their site is consistent, on-message, communicates value, has increased their revenues, and most importantly tells you why they do what they do. Check it out for yourself.
Yes. Gary is my father and believe me when I tell you, after writing his second book, the last thing he wanted to do was write his website. I interviewed him, digested the information, and wrote a focused site. He barely lifted a finger. See what you think.
Whitney and I worked to together to write the copy of her website. She wanted to stress the importance of alignment (in life, yoga, etc.) and her therapist model of teaching. She also wanted her site to be a resource for those seeking information. Take a look.